My dating life

I met this new guy online.  We were emailing last week sometimes. He gave me his number. I called left a message. Five days past, nothing. I just put him in the bullshit people online category and moved on. Well on Saturday I get an email from asking about us talking. I told him I called and left a message. He used the excuse (the message had a lot of static and he didn’t know my name). Okay I gave him that one. Didn’t sound to bullshit. I emailed him my phone number. This was about 5 or 6 oclock on Saturday night. Then I got lost in The 4400 and my The Sims 3 game and other random crap. I looked at the clock 12:30 and no call.  I wasn’t waiting for his call. I just happened to remember he said he would call. The last email was I am feeding my daughter I will call you later.

So I sent him an email. I stated I am not into playing games. Please lose my number and I wish the best of luck in your search. Well this must have put this mans pants on fire. I got an instant reply.  With don’t be a meanie HEHEHE. I had company and I didn’t want to call you late.  I have to tell you guys. The benefit of the doubt is no longer something I give. I played that game for years. It is about 90/10. 90% they are lying out their ass. 10% they are telling the truth.

When he didn’t  understand my message I left, he went five days with no contact. Now you say you are very interested. I give him my number, and still going to pull this waiting shit. You are not the man I want. The man I want would have at least sent me a text. Granted I hate text but I would have respected that. Then he kept sending me emails. I guess he was getting upset I wouldn’t reply and wrote him off.  One of his notes said: “I said I would call you later, Is it to late to call you now. ” I looked at the message and said hell yes it is. Not because of the time, but you are a loser and I HAVE NO INTEREST. The next email he sends says, “I am 45 and don’t play games”. Caught you I went back to his profile and it said 40. When they say they don’t play games that is all they do. I learned that lesson. That is like when a man is always boasting about his manly part it is usually disappointing.  Certain things men say it is the automatic reverse.

So my new belief is I don’t owe anyone any explanation. I also refuse to argue with anyone. Not just men, anyone.   I swear people will tell you who they are, wait and just listen. The last of three more emails stated  “number lost.” Hey works for me. I don’t give a damn you had a tantrum because things didn’t go your way. That is another thing I hate bitch ass men. I know I am being hard in this blog. But acting like you are five-year old,  makes me lose interest quickly. He might have gotten an eye raise if he started with an apology.

Men are not complicated. If he was interested, really interested no time would have passed and he would have called me. I been around the block to many times for this.

On a brighter note. A very attractive man sent me note on a website. I was like wow I like that. So he got my number we will see if he calls. If not he will be tossed to the side like the rest. When I say I don’t play. I MEAN IT. I am not just talking.

There have been times of desperation in my life. Hence why I am having a baby by myself. The desperation is over. I am not longer looking for a husband to implant his child in me. So I have no reason (not that I should have ever had one) to deal with any man’s bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy is as Crazy does!!

As I mentioned before it is easy to meet crazy people on the internet. I have been watching too much ID discovery Stalked. When men act to damn aggressive and we barely know each other I run. Red flag, Red flag abort. Well the new guy I met online. We had two conversations. By the second conversation it was abort time.

First conversation was ok. No bells and whistles. We are both single and don’t like it blah, blah. I had the feeling he was a bit desperate. I am not into desperate men. It can lead to a lot of problems. He said he had to call me back. I told him when I was going to bed and said if he doesn’t make it to call me the next day.

Well in the morning I got a I am sorry I didn’t call got in late. That was fine no biggie. Then during the day I get about five more random text messages. He got one response early in the morning. First of all I am not a texter. My cell is in my purse in the drawer of my desk. I have no idea when it is going off usually. I don’t text at work often. Especially since it takes me forever to type anything.

Well by his third text with no response the desperation started to show. He didn’t want to be a pest. He knows I am ok.

I am thinking dude really. We talked once. Well my cell phone battery isn’t worth crap. When I got home from work I put it on the charger up stairs and played my Sims 3 for hours. About 12am I looked at it and saw his messages. Did I mention I got a you must be busy goodnight text.

I text him sorry phone was on the charger goodnight. I was headed to bed. He text back I am still up. All this texting made me nervous. What is up with this crazy person.

So the next day I still get these random text which I did not respond. Then he calls in the evening. I was not in the best mood. There was a big lay off at my job. Thank god I am still employed. I have to say I was a little jealous of the women who had husband with jobs who were laid off. As we know I don’t have one of those. Needless to say I was spared thank god because I need my job.

Well he try to mirror my tone that something was wrong. I said what is wrong with you. He said I am trying to be supportive. I swear I thought what the hell is the twilight zone. I got off the phone with him saying I was just not in a good mood. Then the texting started coming. I hope you are okay, I feel like you are blowing me off, Pray about it and let me know what you want to do.

That was it. No doubts this fool is crazy. I had to let him know I wasn’t feeling his stalker nature. I talked to you once in two days. What the hell is your problem. He wanted to explain. I said not thanks I am good this is not going to work.

I dodged a bullet with that crazy. I told Doctor Dude. He seemed a bit jealous that I was talking to other men. What the hell am I supposed to do wait on him. Ah hell no. I haven’t even met the man. He did agree dude was crazy. Thank god I have radar and figured this out before there was ever a meet and great. I hope he got the message and never contacts me again. He is crazy he might try!!!

Birthday Present to myself!

Happy Birthday

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I was told today I should do something for myself. I have to say I am stumped with that. I don’t deny myself things. I am not into material things. Clothes, electronics, furniture never striked my fancy.

The only time I buy clothes is if I am going to an event. Which it is pitiful because I really need some work clothes in a bad way. I refuse to buy them until I get to my goal weight. Plus I work in an office with women and a bunch of married men. Who cares how I look going to work. I know I don’t.

Electronics has never been my thing. Other than the Sims 3 game I refuse to figure out anything electronic. I don’t even have a DVR because I don’t want to pay for it. The new Sims game is coming out next week. I was always going to purchase it regardless of it being my birthday. So that isn’t anything special.

Furniture, Other than my bedroom set everything in my house was given to me. I only spent about 900 bucks on the whole set. So clearly furniture isn’t my thing either.

I have nothing I am motivated to buy or do. I could get a Mani, Pedi. I don’t feel like it. So that wouldn’t work.

Today is my father’s birthday also. I was born on his 30th birthday. So he is 67 today. I am a horrible daughter. I totally flaked on the card. Oh well I am sure he will live. He did send me a text saying Happy Birthday and of course I replied.

It is too funny that my father learned to text. When my mother finally learns I think hell would have frozen over.

I really want to rewind the clock ten years. Can I have that? Can anyone make that happen?

If I didn’t own this house in this blood sucking housing market I could make my dreams come true. As far as the baby is concerned. The man situation is something beyond my control.

My irrational playing of scratch tickets is not getting me closer to a baby. I was reading the news. This woman won 100,000 and then a million on scratch tickets. The same woman. I am like damn really. I didn’t need to hear that.

That crap is so random. I feel like my life has been so random lately. I did go to a party this weekend. A big waste of time. It was posted on this dating website. These folks were so beyond my age bracket. I should have given my mother the invite.

I am leaving work early and try to have a decent birthday. Wish me luck!!

I am so LAME!!

I feel like an old young person. I discovered this song that I really like. It has been out for years. Someone told me about it randomly. I am really into music of the 80’s and 90’s. The kids singing this song were probably born in the 80’s. I am so old!!  No Air Jordan Sparks is on my new list of faves!!

I had vacation days and I was board. My friend is safe at home recovering. Thank god she is alright. Then I sat home doing nothing switching the channels and playing my Sims 3 game. My game was jacked up and I spent hours trying to fix it. When I finally figured it out, it was a simple problem. I feel like an idiot. I actually posted the problem on a technical board. Did I mention my house was looking crazy. All parts of the house were a mess.

I talked to my stay at home mom friend. She is home due to a layoff. I asked her what does she do being home all the time. She said when the baby is there she is busy. When the baby is not there she is also board. I finally cleaned the house. While I was talking to her the kitchen and bedroom and living room was presentable. I do so much cleaning talking on the phone. A couple of loads of laundry. I was down to the underwear I don’t like in the back of my drawer. House work always goes quicker when I am talking to someone.

Then I finally took a shower and got out of my PJ’s. Meaning my sweats tee shirt and fluffy socks. Yes I walked the dog in that outfit. I have to admit I walk the dog looking like a homeless person. I guess if there were any handsome men in my neighborhood then I would take more of an effort. The one guy that is hot I think is gay. Other then the young hoodlums hit on me. I wish I could move the hell out of here. One guy called me a bitch when he tried to talk to me. I ignored him continued to talk on my cell and prayed Pedro shit faster. So when the bitch comment came across I was happy as hell I ignored his ass.

After the shower I felt so fresh and so clean. Clearly I been in the south to long to quoting OutKast.

With my clean body I put on clean clothes and went to the nail shop. I finally treated myself to a Mani, Pedi, and eyebrows. I sent doctor dude a picture of my great looking feet. I am not going to say what he texts back. It did put a smile on face, big time.

While my toes were getting pampered the nail technician was telling me about herself. She is very friendly and talkative. Sometimes you are not in the mood but she was so bubble she put a smile on my face.

She met her husband in the Bahamas on vacation. He worked at the airport. They dated long distance for a year and got married. Wow how can that happen to me!!! It was a great story. She seemed like a very happy person. I need to be more like this woman. Her demeanor puts smiles on others. She was randomly my technician. I only let the owner do my eyebrows. I don’t care who does the fingers and toes. I left there smiling and told her I wished her look on having a second child.  I don’t think it was random I got her. God knows what he was doing!!

Random Life Stuff

The new guy has been holding my attention. We haven’t made plans for a date but that is fine. I might be seeing him this weekend. I am not in a Christmas mood at all. Actually I never celebrate. When I became a teenager my mother wouldn’t even go shopping and wrap anything anymore. She asked me what I wanted and gave me the money. We stop putting up the tree or even thinking about doing all the traditional things. On a few occasions my mother did decorate the porch with lights. In yearly fashion she would be too lazy to take them down and they would sit up there for months and months.

I guess I am not a holiday person. Or a birthday person either. I never really care about celebrating my birthday. I guess I am a person that doesn’t make a big deal out of much. I did request money for my new security door from my family. My mom and my aunt said they will chip in. We will see how that goes down. Presently it is sitting on my credit card waiting for Home Depot to get their ass in gear and install it.

I bought some photo editing software to start my new little project. Well it is actually a big project. I am starting a new blog that is more of a soap opera with pictures. I like to be creative and keep those juices flowing. I am going to use my game the Sims 3 to create my dramas. So I went to Best Buy and tried to purchase an easy Photo editing software. With it being the Christmas season no one was helping me. I actually saw a few employee standing around but I wasn’t in the mood to chase them down. I picked up this program and brought it to the cashier and asked if I could return it. She said yes within 30 days. So I thought I would give it a try if I don’t like it bring it back.

I was banging my head against the wall all night with this program. I was returning it the next day. I get to a different Best Buy. They tell me it can’t be returned by federal law when software is opened it cannot be returned. Now if I knew this information before I bought it, I would have taken more time with this purchase. I was also pissed because I saw it on for half the price with free shipping.

I was going to walk out the door and take my 80.00 lump in my bank account for nothing. As I walked to the door I thought hell no. The lady told me I could return it. So I proceeded to have a manager called and explained my situation. I was being dramatic which was just a tactic to get my money back. I was thinking 80.00 on something I am not going to use. I can put that money on the door I just bought. She returned it. I told her Merry Christmas and thank you. It was very nice of her since the law was in her favor. Even thought employees told me I could return it.

I went home and found some free wear GIMP. It is great and easy to use. Well it isn’t that easy to use. YouTube has a bunch of tutorials on how to use it. Which is great I need a visual explanation not written. I love YouTube, I don’t know what I did with out it.  So here is my first draft of what I was working on.



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