Social Media!

I feel like my mom with the VCR back in the say. I am not a wiz with social media. I actually don’t have time to figure it out. I try my best, and I know I could do so much better with knowledge.

These kids got this shit on lock. They grew up in this age making it all easier. I have a message and I am trying to figure out how to get it out. Not easy and something I actually fell into. This blog started from a asshole ex. Granted his NEW title is asshole, it wasn’t when he made the suggestion. Well he knows writing is my thing. Which I have never been consistency at in my life. Because I lack discipline in all matters of my life.

He started this blog for me. Granted I wish he picked Google because I could get some absence. I have no idea how to move it over. Also I have so much going on don’t feel like even going there. If I had time I would create my own website.

I think god is going to bless me with all I ask. I am going to keep asking until that happens. What could it hurt.

Blast from the Past 1

Valentine's Day wreath
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 I am starting blast from the past blog post. It is my new thing I just created. It will help me remember my history and share things about me. Hey I am sharing my present. I can share my past.

My fist boyfriend was when I was about 15. He was very unattractive. I was embarrassed to have him as a boyfriend actually. We had a secret relationship. I never told him I thought he was ugly. He was so sweet. I just couldn’t bring myself to introduce him to anyone. My mother was the number one person he would never know. She would have been very critical about his looks.

Before the internet people met on the phone. I have no idea who thought of this concept. A girlfriend of mine mastered the telephone love game. Someone would introduce her to a datable guy on the phone. They would talk for weeks than meet. It was always a friend of a friend or a cousin of a friend, etc. Well she looped me into her telephone love hook ups. So my boyfriend was the cousin of the dude she met on the phone. Did I mention he had budding dreadlocks before they were popular. It wasn’t a good look at the time. I did feel I was with a confident man. Willing to go against the grain. What he didn’t realize he was with a girl desperately trying to fit in.

Most of our dates were in the library in downtown Boston. I knew no one I knew would see us there. To make it worse he lived about a ten minute walk from my house. Meaning we went home on the same train and bus. One day we ran into someone I knew. I was mortified. She talked to me, and of course and I introduced him as a friend. Which he didn’t mind now looking back. Thank god because what would my excuse have been for not giving him the boyfriend title. You are ugly and I don’t want her to tell anyone I am dating you. Yes I had major issues back then.

This dude was such a nice guy and didn’t deserve my shenanigans. He bought me the cutest gift on Valentines day. He also serenaded me with the song Pretty brown eyes by mint condition.

Shamefully I had to end it. How could I date someone I was embarrassed to bring around. If I was a better person and had more self-esteem, who knows what could have been. At 15 I was tall and fat and very insecure. I pray he found a woman who loves him to the utmost. If he turned into a man who was anything like the boy he was at 16 any woman would be lucky to have him.

Social Media Benefits

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I have a Facebook page. Two written blogs. One personal I don’t share with certain family and friends. They would be judgemental and I could be talking about them. One I could careless who reads. I have a YouTube channel. Which I talk about natural hair and randomness of my life. I cannot see myself using twitter.

This all started when I wrote a book that a friend and I self published. It isn’t selling well so I don’t even want to discuss that issue. Well that is when I started in social media.

Then I got addicted to YouTube. Some of the tutorials and people lives on video. I never thought my life was that interesting. Also I wasn’t sure how much I would actually share on YouTube. I bought a camcorder because I was excited to get stated. It sat in its box for months. I kept thinking to myself would I really put myself out there. Then one day I said why not. What do I have to lose.

So I have 39 videos and climbing. Tutorials, opinions, product reviews. It is my own little news cast. When I am pregnant, I will chronicle it in weekly videos.

The boyfriend doesn’t understand this in any way. He actually refuses for me to even take a picture of him. I would never go behind his back and put it out there without his approval. I told him when the kids are here I am taking pictures. I won’t put him online, but my kids will have pictures of him. He will have to get over it.

I don’t know how social media has become my thing, but it is. My blogs and YouTube channel takes all my attention. I am not that big into Facebook. I go on there once a month maybe.

Well all this to say I did a video on service I was not pleased with. Yes I went on a rant and it was not pretty. The word sucks and never use them again came out. Which I was being honest . I was shocked by what happened next. The store I was complaining about contacted me via my YouTube channel. I guess they want to correct the issue.  They posted this long comment apologizing for the issues I encountered. They gave me contact information to give them a chance to make it better.

I have to say I was beyond shocked. I do not have a big following on this channel. I have one video that did get 5,000 + hits. I have no idea why that video is popular and what I did right. The others are not popular at all. Not even the video talking about this chain store. When they emailed me I had a total  of four hits. It had only been up three days.

Well I contacted them via email, as they requested. They are going to get back to me in the next 24 hours. I am very curious what will happened next. I will kept you posted. The powers of social media. More videos will be going up with any problems encounter from now on. You can believe that!!!  🙂