Interesting turn of events!


Image by courosa via Flickr

Well it doesn’t look like I am going to the Fernbank. I haven’t heard from the guy other than a text on Monday. I know I had to strike while the iron was hot.

A guy I met years ago has contacted me. He seems to want to rekindle something. I just have no idea what because all I remember is one date a long time ago. I am getting voice mails and text messages saying have a good day. It is kind of shocking. This person and I never had a great vibe. I think that is why it never went beyond one date. It sounds like he has some sort of epiphany. I wish he would let me in on it. I haven’t talked to him in years. He is talking to me in a manner that we never stopped communicating.

On another internet event. A guy I really liked I have reconnected with. I say I really liked him loosely. We have never met. We flirted and talked on the phone on and off for a few years. I think we fell off when ever we were dating someone. I emailed him a month ago just to say hello. Then he called and bang we are back shooting the shit on the phone.

Why we never met you ask? Well he lives in Philly. I live in Atlanta. I refuse to travel to  a strange city to meet a stranger. I know you might think I could be missing an opportunity. Take a risk. My answer to that is hell no. I have been on countless internet dates. More than the average person. There is nothing worse than being in a  situation and stuck. Yes I drove two hours to Columbus GA to meet this guy. He was at a military base. When I got there he would not stop talking about his ex girlfriend. I ended up yelling at this guy “will you stop saying her name”. I was stuck for the evening. I was ready to run home the next day.

I have also had many bad dates that I couldn’t wait for him to finish eating so I could head home. It is real bad when I offer to pay for my meal just so he doesn’t have the illusion to call me again. I can’t imagine being in a strange city going through that crap. So I put it on the man. If he is that interested he will make the effort.

Over the years I have had men visit from South Carolina, Florida, New York. They stayed in hotels and I met them.

I didn’t meet this guy because he was a broke med student/resident when we started talking. He didn’t have the time or money to come see me. Now that has changed. He is working and from what I can see successful in what he is doing. He is still beyond busy.

He actually offered to come see me. I was shocked. First he offered me a plane ticket to Philly which I refused. He needs to come here first so I can access the body language on my turf.

Actions speak louder than words. Me being the pessimist I know. I will believe it when he gets off the plane. I need to work on being optimistic. I hate being let down so pessimism is my safety net to disappointment.

A Great Night Out

I had a great time. It didn’t start that way. I went to the party and everyone looked around my mother’s age. I was pissed. I just left a parking garage that look like the perfect place to get raped. I didn’t want to park there. I drove around for a while and realized I had no choice, if I wanted to make it before ten pm. Tickets were half off if you got there before ten. The elevator in the parking garage was so slow I used the stairs. Seven floors down with my new not broken in boots.

This was not starting off great. My feet were going to hurt and I haven’t danced to one song. I finally made it, and walked around to see what the attendees looked like. I was not impressed. I felt I should have stayed home with Mr. Shitty paints and watched a movie. I took a seat. I paid ten dollars to park and ten dollars to get into this place I was staying awhile. My friend wasn’t showing up to after eleven so I had sometime to hang out by myself. I sat in a lounge chair and people watched to kill time. This guy walked up to me. He was very handsome and very drunk. We chatted a bit and he informed me he was in town for the football game. He was in the navy stationed in South Carolina. We exchanged numbers and I sent him to his hotel room. He was beyond drunk and needed to go to bed. I didn’t know if he would even remember me in the morning.

A hour past and the party started to fill in with a younger generation. It was funny in the beginning I felt the crowd was to old. With in an hour the crowd was younger than my generation. Late twenties early thirties. I wasn’t complaining after the shift of age range. I started having a great time. I danced, met more guys received compliments. All in all a great night. If the past has any reflection to the future I probably will not hear from any of these guys. Not a biggie I enjoyed the compliments and attention. I have no complaints if nothing comes from it.

I did meet an older man. He was handsome and in his late forties. I flirted and he flirted. I told him about this social group I am apart of. I thought he could come to one of our events if he was interested. He gave me his card. I put the card in my purse and never thought about it again until this morning. I took the card out of my purse to email him the information. The card said assistant head coach to a NFL team. I was shocked. I had never had anyone so high-profile hitting on me before. Well actually that isn’t a true. Years ago a New England patriot wanted to sleep with me. I was about 21 when that happened. I am not into sports at all. I have no idea who one person is to another on major team.

I shoot him an email and we will see what happens. I had a very eventful night. A great way to relieve my depression!!!