I am back!!

I guess the question is where have i been. In my own world. My computer got electrocuted. Yes lightning knocked the power out of my home desktop. It is in the hospital and I hope they can fix her. I am not looking for another major expense. I miss her. I thank god I still have my bootleg laptop. The computer hospital won’t even get back to me until this Sunday. They already charged me 40 dollars just to look at it.

On the baby front I took my soy isoflavone this month. I realized I didn’t take enough last month. I bought the soy from the vitamins store. Thinking I can get more potent soy isoflavone. I was shocked there were so many pills in the bottle. When I read the back which I didn’t do last month. The percentage of soy was half of the Walmart pills. Reading is fundamental.

Today is my first day of insemination. My plan is to do it every other day until next week Wednesday. I will see if known donor acts right. Each month it is something with him. I don’t understand why I have to deal with this crap when I am not dating him. But I guess dealing with men in any manner can present problems.

On the man front I went on a date last night. I can barely believe it myself. Very handsome 6’4 Armenian guy.  Not sure we are a match. We had a language barrier. We also had a discussion of how he feels washing dishes is not men’s work. Other than that I think it went well. We will see if he acts me out again. If he does I will go. If not I will move on as usual. I haven’t told him anything about my baby project. I have no idea when I would tell someone anymore. On the first date is a big fat NO!!

How much money would change my life?

I was reading someone’s blog and they said 200k would change their life. I think 300k after taxes would work for me. Since my job is to crunch numbers. Also I am very cheap. Which I do not think is a dirty word. I don’t need to disguise it with the word frugal. 300k would go a long way in my world. I would quit my job and be a full-time student and work on the next phase of my life with no financial stresses.

I am still having headaches. I am not sure if that has to do with the Soy Isoflavones I took. They started getting more intense after I took it for five days. The funny thing is regardless of the side effects I will take it again. Or try my hand at clomid. Not sure which way I am going to go.

I have had a one track mind about all this.  Which is usually how I am when I really want something. I am also  fearful about motherhood. I am an only child. I have never been the baby type. You know the one who had to hold every baby that came in the office. I am not the most patient person.

With those fears I am still ready to be a mother. The switch turned on in my brain and I am ready. Nervous, scared out of my mind but ready!!!

Soy Isoflavones Day 3

I knew I  should have saved that last entry. I lost my post for today and had to do it again. Well I had no side effects today Yeppie!!!. I had a headache after I took it last night but that went away and I have been good.  I just want that BFP. It is funny that pills that were under ten bucks might give me a baby. I been reading all the success stories online.  I would have never heard of it, if I didn’t read a whole lot of blogs. Thanks for people sharing I am on my way to baby success.

Also that lottery ticket I was waiting to scratch. Well I won a free ticket. The fantasy was worth a lot more than the ticket!!!

The boyfriend said he doesn’t understand why I blog. As he said putting all your business out there. This is a man who isn’t into any kind of social media. I respect his privacy but hey I have joined the new generation. I like sharing and receiving comments and possible helping someone else. He is very old school which is fine. I have agreed never to put anything of him online and all is good with us.

He is not the only one I know adverse to the internet. I guess I have always been an open book. Also not many people know I have a blog. I only share the link with people I would tell these things to anyway. Also I love the comments I get from strangers. Especially strangers in other countries I would have never connected with any other way. Most of us share that desire to have children bond. A bond he just doesn’t understand.

Soy Isoflavone Day 1

Desvenlafaxine succinate 50mg Tablets (Pristiq...

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I took my first dose at 6pm yesterday. At first no effect. I did wake up sweaty. I was wondering to myself, did I have a hot flash while I was sleeping. I never had one that I know of to compare it to. I have a slight headache this morning. It is nothing I am using drugs to fix so I guess I am alright. I also took 50mg of DHEA this morning. All in all if I am having side effects they are not that major. I am hoping it continues that way.  I spent so much of my life not trying to have a child. Now all that I am doing to have one. It is funny how things change!!!

Soy Isoflavones

I am still on my baby mission. I told a few people about my lack of success getting clomid. I never had a regular gynecologist. I always had my exams from an internal medicine doctor.  Everything always came back great so I never worried about it. One of my friends made a big deal about seeing a gyno. So I made an appointment a few years ago. They didn’t do anything different so I just went back to my internal medicine doctor. The doctor I have been seeing for years told me he did not feel comfortable giving it to me.

Now I regret that decision of not having a gyno. I wanted clomid to continue on my baby mission. I know I might be putting the cart before the horse, but I noticed gyno hand out clomid like candy. Except to me that is!!! The medical fraud dude would do unnecessary testing, but when I asked for a prescription to clomid he looked at me with three heads. Go figure. I guess he only wants to be shady when it benefits him.

Well Soy isoflavone is my new obsession. It is supposed to be the natural clomid. It is used for menopause. Someone found out (don’t ask me who) that if you take it in high doses on specific days like you would clomid it works the same. When I heard that news I was beyond excited. In the wake of my co-worker getting clomid very easily from her internal medicine doctor. I don’t understand when I do something it turns complicated and just handed to others. Now I am dealing with a two hundred dollar bill for nothing. She just asks her doctor and gets the clomid that cost her nine dollars. Go figure it is my crazy luck.

I need to do more research and see how I am going to take this soy stuff. To baby success!!. I am nervous about twins. On one hand it would be a good thing. I can close down shop and have my two kids. On the other hand affording twins could leave me in the poor house. Daycare for one is ridiculous. I guess I will deal with what ever god gives me. Even if I end up back home with my parents in bankruptcy LOL!! Did I mention my mom is  a twin. Also twins run in my family like mad, on both my mothers and father family.

I will keep you posted on my Soy isoflavone mission. The second issues is getting boyfriend in town during the fertile period. Wish me luck!!