When you have a plan and none of it works out. I have several things I was trying to do before I laid my head on my pillow. I wanted to churn out all my videos for September. Have them scheduled and done. I wanted to work on this blog. I wanted to work on my book. Also, finish my latest adult coloring book distressing. Well, I got exactly one video edited. That shit didn’t’ go fast all. I have been distracted with Facebook and trying to get the video to look the way I want. Day dreaming of buying a house, so I sit on realtor websites. Yeah pretty much wasting time.

I have been trying to work on my time management. If I get all this done now, then I can pay full attention to my book that I need to do major reworking. Pray for a sister. Someone needs to get my mind straight.

Working mother!!

Ok my day started with commuter rail not coming. They send a bus to get us to the station. My hands frezzing. Thank god for hand warmers. I am about to buy stock in that company. Half way to work and I got a call there was a delay until noon. Thank god someone let me in the building.

I got myself together in the bathroom. Found out I have a laptop they want me to take home on a regular basis to do work. Not that we get to work from home one day a week or anything. That would be to good to be true. No, it is to do work that you couldn’t get done. I don’t know I am going to hang with that mess. At least I wont be staying late. They also do not have flex time either. It’s a paycheck and I am grateful.

Even thought I would rather be rich, I am grateful. With bringing my laptop home there will not be much staying late for me. I also need to do a lot on the weekend. Make my lunches for the week. Get my clothes ready for the week. I didn’t have much time with my baby with all the things I had to do. I swear if I didn’t have debt I would have a part time job right now.

I can’t cry over spilled milk. It won’t stop the bills coming in the mail.

No news is good news

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I have nothing to report. Things have happened. I was insulted and unfriended on Facebook. The internet is full of perverts. All these things are true but I didn’t let it control my day.

I had a pretty decent day. I haven’t focussed on anything bad today. A friend of mine at work is graduating with her BA. Her hard work is a testimony that working hard and determination you can achieve a goal. I went to college straight from high school. I did have many part-time jobs. I lived in the dorms for four years. I didn’t want to pay utilities. I felt dorm living was cheaper. I also had a single room so I felt it was perfect.

She had it so much harder than I. Working full-time and taking care of a house and relationship while going to school. She had some great time management.

Today I have accepted there are a lot of assholes in the world. I need not get myself upset by others actions. The only one I can control and change is myself.

I have finally stopped hating my ex. I don’t need that resentment and hate in my heart. It will only eat me alive. I am still mad but I don’t hate the man. He is one of those assholes I was referring to.  I need to let Karma work in their lives.

I really feel when you are meant to people on purpose it comes back to you ten fold. I will let Karma take care of these people and just focus on myself.

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change

the courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom to know the difference.

I can only change me and that is all I am going to worry about today.