Egg retrieval

My single mother by choice friend and ex neighbor needed a ride to her egg retrieval. I didn’t feel like it. It had been a long week and I wanted to sleep in. But us single mother by choice need to stick together. So I went to her house the night before and spent the night. We got there on time. She told me she wanted a fake wedding ring when she went into this office.

I have to say I felt her pain. Even sitting in the waiting room I felt like a bit of a loser. There were so many couples in and out. Women with these rocks on their fingers. We said to each other what the hell did we do wrong.

The funniest thing was when she said did I put lotion on my ass. She needed them to mark the spot for her progesterone shot when she got home. I said I am sure they have seen an ashy ass before. We both fell out laughing.

I found out she threw up three times after I dropped her off. It sucks not to have anyone to take care of you when needed. This is not going to stop me from having my babies. But it still sucks!!!

On a good note 21 eggs retrieved 10 fertilized. Sounds successful to me. I am going to pray for much baby dust!!


Here I am!!

I moved into my new office today. I just had enough time to put my stuff down and get to work. I have so much to do. I love the office, but I feel out of the loop to the office antics. All the jokes over the cube. I guess when you are boss you’re out of the loop.

I have two employees. One I been working with as a peer and one to be hired. So far so good. I am working on my delegation skills.  Now that I have been promoted I feel I need to up my game at work. I only took a half an hour lunch to get more work done. As soon as we get past year-end. I am sure things will lighten up.

I going to a sleep over tonight. I wish it was with a man LOL!! My old neighbor needs someone to drive her to her egg retrieval in the morning. So I am sleeping over because I do not live close to her.

It is sad when us SMC have no one to help. If it happened on a week day she was going to have the cab driver say he was related to her. What do you do when you don’t have a partner or family close to help you. That is why I know I need to move to Boston eventually. My family would never leave me in the dust. Granted I don’t have much family and they are all in there 60’s.  I appreciate them and the fact that they are excited for my journey.

I wonder how long egg retrieval takes???