Where have I been!!

I am in a rut. That time out-of-town put me so off-key. I haven’t really been exercising. I swear I lose motivation like people lose their keys. I am going to force myself to go to the gym today.  I want to be married. I say that after attending two weddings. The last one everyone in the damn place was married. I thought, wow no single people come to weddings anymore. My aunt said the next wedding will be mine. I told her I doubt it. I am not that kind of girl. I will go to Vegas, or the justice of the peace. I am not a big fan of so much extra to get married. I don’t think I ever thought of having a wedding. I guess I am strange.

I know a few people who would love to see me get married. I would love to see myself get married also. I can’t predict the future you never know. I am not doing to well dating. I met this guy online of course. We had a great conversation one day. Then the next day he is sending my 1-900 text message. I was so disgusted.

So on the baby front. Which is my real focus at the moment. After I have my twins I will worry about a man in my life. I have no idea if I am pregnant. Haven’t been focused on it at all. Which hay they say that is when it happens. I am 9DPO ( nine days past ovulation).  I would buy a pregnancy test, but with my overly aggressively trying to pay of bills. My checking account is lower than I like to see it.

We all know when I buy one I end up buying many. I am just going to wait to see if my period shows up.

What happens after the wedding?

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in Love

Image by epSos.de via Flickr

I was talking to a friend about the unhappy married people we know. There is a running theme that they wanted the wedding more than the marriage. Me being the self-proclaimed tom boy, I don’t even want a wedding. If I happen to stumble on the man for me, I want to elope.

Why waste all that money and time at this point. I do understand the princess for a day and all that crap. The people I know who have planned their wedding always seem to be unhappy on the day of the wedding. Something goes wrong and they don’t seem to enjoy the event at all.

I am not that close to a lot of family members. So I would not be willing to pay money per plate for people to eat, that I do not talk to on a regular basis. That is just me. To each their own. There is one particular girl who was so damn happy while planing their wedding. The moment they moved in with each other she has been frown central.

I know relationships are hard. I also know living with someone is a challenge. I have lived with my share of boyfriends. I don’t know her intentions. I just have a feelings she was more into the wedding than the marriage.

People get married for all types of reasons. Some marriages have lasted far beyond my anticipation. Something is making them work. Or they or living in madness and hanging on for what ever reason.

I can’t judge these people who knows what I would do under the correct circumstances. Sometimes I understand how a few of my friends are envious of my single life.  I guess I am starting to realize the grass isn’t always greener.