Need to write something!!

I know I have been putting my YOUTUBE video on my blog. I haven’t written much for this blog. I will work on doing better. I have a new mission in life. Spreading the word about the choice for women to be mother’s alone. I am a contributing writer for The Next Family. I also decided to hit up a few major magazines. We will see how it goes. All you can do is try. I have big dreams. Granted they are being molded by life more then planing.

In my court news. My car was in a garage that  the ceiling leaked a limestone acid on the passenger side. To the tune of 1,700 worth of damage. Of course I made them aware of this. I got it is free at will parking and there will be no reimbursement. You should see the look on my face even as I am typing this. I am not Boo, Boo.

There was a bit of drama that I can’t go into. Another person tried to get them to pay which I appreciated dearly. Ultimately it was to no avail. I then took my ass up to the court house put 50 bucks down and got a court date. With in three days of going to the court house, they wanted to pay all of a sudden. I am not bitter, I just want my money. You destroyed my property do what is right. They asked me to get another estimate. I said no, really wanted to say hell no. I knew I needed to be a little professional. I told them if you asked me to get more estimate when I first brought it to your attention. It would be no problem. The fact that I had to go to court. All I am doing is cashing a check.

Keep praying for me. I am waiting for something else to work out. I have a feeling everything is going according to plan. God has really had my back in so many different ways.

Ava is not really talking. The doctor says she is fine. I am going to have her check out by early intervention just to make sure. I need to always be my daughter advocate. They might say she is fine. Which will be music to my ears. Or that she needs a little help. I know she understand, that is clear. Her speech is not where I think it should be. I am not a professional but I also don’t want to be one of those parents in denial.

I actual called them before and they didn’t get back to me. I will be calling them everyday next week, until someone calls me back. That is called don’t play with mama!!! Thank you to all who read my blog and keeping up with Ava and I!!!


I love to write. I am my worse critic and think I am not that great of a writer. Well SMBC posted my article in their news letter. I am honored when anyone else feels my writing is good enough to post. It is under the name Monie. I still want to be anonymous for now. I haven’t told many people about my choices. They know nothing about this blog or any connections I have. I want to keep it that way for now.

I am not sure I am going to reveal much when I have my children. It is none of their business. Who knows I still might find a guy and all this will be a dead issue. I can’t predict the future right now. I am working towards having kids. That could be by myself or with someone else. I would prefer with someone else but if it is by myself than oh well. That is my whole reason to up root my life.

My article is title Interracial Donor Children. I would post it on my blog. I am not sure if I have the right to because you pay for a subscription to their news letter.

It put a smile on my face to see something I wrote published. I have had other things published. Every time feels like the first time. I guess a feeling of validation. They also did a great editing job. I wish I could afford to employ them with all my writing projects. In my dreams!!

It is nice to dream!!