Baby First Pictures

2013-11-19 11.46.18 (1)Finally an ultrasound. It sounds like I will be having many more do to my fibroid‘s. I didn’t cry. I have to say it has all become more real.I was shocked at the picture. I been feeling lonely lately but in that room I felt totally fine. My dream was coming true. No not twins and I think that is perfectly fine. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle. Since I can count the amount of diapers I changed in my life I think he made the right decision to give me one. I text everyone who has been in my corner, the picture. My phone has been blowing up. I am so distracted it is hard to work.

I am going to tell my job next month. I was at that appointment for over two hours. They think it is a girl. I will find out in two weeks for sure. They did the genetics testing and talked to me. I was very evasive about known donor. I just want it to be accepted it is just me. Everything looks great. They aren’t concerned about the medicine I take. If it wasn’t for those damn Fibroid’s I would only be at the Fetal Medicine Doctor a few times. I know women are happy for a lot of ultrasounds. I keep thinking of the expense. Insurance don’t cover the same way they use to. As soon as January hits my deductible will be ready for payment again. Which the limit increased this year of course. I wish I didn’t worry about money. I guess it isn’t money I worry about more than debt. Which all these expenses will be going on a charge card. It is good to have credit. After this my next goal is to be debt free.  It is still hard for me to believe that is in my stomach. It is strange and unreal. I am staring at the picture in amazement. I pray for the health of this baby and myself. God is great not just good. I have gotten this far. I need to stop worrying about anything.

On a family drama note. I told my aunt how I felt about my cousin. She said that is harsh. I swear this woman acts like she has virgin ears sometimes. If it wasn’t her nephew she would feel the same way. I told her family doesn’t get a pass. When I talked to one of my cousin she totally agreed ed with me. Crimes against women and children are a no go for me. I don’t care if we have similar blood lines. On a brighter note I am great and living the dream. Two years ago I never thought this would have been possible. First the house I had underwater. Then the lack of fund amongst other things. God moved all those things aside and gave me what I asked for.

Being positive is my new outlook for today.

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