What is on my plate for 2018

I am going to list all the things I want, need and desire right here like a vision board. I don’t have time to get a poster board. Even though I need to, so it stays in the front of my mind.

  1. Finish my book and start working on the prior book I put on hold. I will always keep you posted on that progress
  2. Finally get out of debt
  3. Find a man in my life I can trust with my daughter (I have major trust issues, we will see how this works out)
  4. Ava talking by her fourth birthday (staying  prayed up)
  5. Pregnant by the end of the year (A few things can happen to make this possible)
  6. Lose 80 pounds
  7. Pray every night ( I have a consistency problem. I believe that God is on my side. I need to say my prayers every night to keep all my goals in the front of my mind.)

I am ready to make all this happen. At least anything I can contribute to our work on I am there. Things have not been easy, especially with the word autism in my life. I wasn’t prepared for everything I have faced in this past year.  To everyone who has goals and dreams. Make sure you work on them. You don’t have to take ten hours. Do a half an hour a day. I have many things I am involved with. Now I am part of a non-profit Brown Girls with Autism. I have more stuff on my list than time. I try and keep up with everything the best I can and not beat myself up.

I beat myself up enough in my life. I can be my own worst enemy. How I can abuse myself is very embarrassing. I am so in awe of women who love themselves and fell they can accomplish anything. I had times in my life that was the case. More times it was not. Loving myself isn’t a natural behavior for me. I am going to work on it being my NORMAL!!