Bus monitor drama!!!

The school called me and left a message. I was so scared that I missed that call and didn’t even listen to the message. I called back. They immediately said Ava was fine.

She let me know she was concerned with the bus monitors. She said Ava was crying the other day. The bus monitor yelled at her. Then when she saw the therapist from the school she straightened up. My fist was balling up. I wanted to hunt that bitch down and beat her ass. I am not a violent person. When you fuck with my kid you fuck with me. The other mother who daughter rides with Ava never liked the monitors. I was concerned putting my child on some transportation when I didn’t know shit about it.

Now that time has passed. I really like the drivers. The monitors always seemed sketchy as hell. My mom liked them so I didn’t say anything. Now that this bullshit happened, I was had to make a move.

I got rid of the monitors. I immediately called the owner of the transportation to get them out. This is so hard for me. My major fear realized. Someone does something to my daughter and she can’t say anything in her own defense.

I wrote the email an email, thanking them for watching out for my child. #AUTISMMOMPROBLEMS